17 /02/2015 – The Challenge of framing!!

My exhibition in London is getting closer, so off to the framer to get the work framed and ready to hang.

I made the decision to keep the framing simple to do what it says on the can “frame the work” and do as little as possible to distract from the paintings. I went for a 5cm mount and a 2 cm box frame, both white.

I hate framing, its such an art in itself!!! I have spent hours in framer before only to leave without framing anything, becoming so bemused and overwhelmed by the choice, I gave up !!! The best way to choose is to go and visit a few galleries and see what the trend is.

While at the framers I saw a display of new glass that looked amazing so clear!!! I asked the cost of using this on a new piece of work approx. 35cm x 35cm this add about £20.00. Somewhat expensive for all my new work so I decided to try it on my favourite one.

As well as preparing for the Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea old town hall in London on the 27th Feb I am also submitting a piece for the Royal Academy Open Exhibition. This it the piece of work I am framing with the special glass. This will be the first time I have submitted a piece of work to the Royal Academy, I am not holding my breath!!!! But you never know !!!


01/02/2015 – Taking it to extreme!!!

Working on new ideas, you win some you loose some…… occasionally you realize scale is wrong and pow what a difference this makes. Wondering why my new work looked fussy and too detailed I took a look at last seasons paintings and realised the scale of mark was much bigger.

I also like the misty cloud effect breaking up lines and blurring definition. Armed with these new ideas I had a plan and happily worked over some pieces I wasn’t too happy with. The texture already laid down by the previous painting was a bonus and really helped with the effect.

I came up with two new piece that have thrust me forward, a little further than my peak of last year. How exciting!!!!!

23/01/2015 – Back in the swing!!

I have been working on a series of tor and water paintings. The drama of the water in front of the Tor is slightly unnerving, and adds an interesting effect to the composition. I have been working from a series of photographs on my phone. Instant gratification and lovely colour but not brilliant clarity. My 30x zoom camera has been playing up as the battery is rubbish at keeping a charge and so doesn’t last long out in the field.
I spent a day sketching the views I liked in my sketchbook, this was fun and really gave me an insight into shape and composition for my next works.

 I have just come to the conclusion I need my detailed photos to work from, not to replicate but to capture interesting movement and light. This is my next challenge to take the computer to the studio and work from photos in situ.

23 /01/2015 – It will look better in the morning!!

Time to survey the damage and decide whether to scrap it and start again or continue and see what happens.
The painting looked pretty awful, I hoped I could salvage something from it. I felt the colour looked drab and needed a re think, keep them fresh and clean, remember interesting things happen when overlaying unusual colours, so be brave , try a few wild things.
One of my strengths is colour matching the other is tone. Assessing the painting and being very specific about tonal levels of colour is really important and walking away and coming back  a painting gives a fresh perspective on what you have done and what still needs to be done.
I improved the freshness of the colours, still quite pastel overall. The mid tone areas slightly blue, dramatic light across the centre of the painting accentuating the bottom of the Tor.
Bold darks at the bottom of the painting, chunky paint emphasising scale in the foreground.
Layers of interesting colours on the tor, building up a soft colourful form giving distance and scale.
It all started coming together, slowly but surely, a good start to a rusty beginning!!!


07/01/2015 – Seriously Rusty….. its been a painful day starting a new body of work, everything that could go wrong ……. did !!!

After two days of trawling the moors, getting up there just in time for the sunset and my camera running out of battery, its a wonder I had anything to work with at all.
I managed to get some really interesting shots, improved by the fact my cameras battery ran out so I took some on my phone and the colour quality was much improved.
I air-dropped them to the ipad and proceeded to paint using this as a visual aid. I began by painting a few quick ideas in my sketchbook in watercolour. This was fun as watercolour bleeds and blends so well. The paper wasn’t brilliant as its only cartridge, I moved on to do a small painting on watercolour paper and this produced some really pleasing effects but overall looked wishy washy compare to the effect achieved in Acrylic.

Time to start painting in acrylic, a very specific size to work to for my exhibition. 36cm x 36 cm, I didnt have any acrylic paper the correct size so I used watercolour paper, I had used it successfully before so thought it would be all right.
Rusty wasnt the word ….I couldnt get the colours right, the palette knife wouldnt work, the paint wouldnt dry, the paper buckled….after a few hours painting the result was looking rubbish, then a big red blob appeared in the middle of the painting and this was the last straw. Time to take a  break. Perhaps try again tomorrow.!!!

I wasn’t surprised that things didnt go that well, all good grounding  ato have another go tomorrow !!!